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14 October, 2016

After nine years bringing the public the very best in local, national and international cuisine, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our Grupo Monkey Gourmet Experience, which will take place every Friday throughout November and the first Friday of December. Do you want to know who will host them?

Gourmet Experience

gourmet-experience-grupo-monkey-gastro-dayFive unique experiences with star-quality cookery, with a guest list to match, bring together the chefs from some of the country’s most well-known Michelin star restaurants.

Starting proceedings off in great form on 4th November will be Raúl Prior (Álbora, Madrid), who in 4 short years has become a force to be reckoned within the capital with his Michelin star and 2 Repsol suns. Raúl keeps it traditional with dishes such as Partridge parfait with nuts, fruit molasses and rosemary crunch.

Next up on 11th November will be Jordi Esteve (Nectari, Barcelona), with one Michelin star, presenting his Mediterranean cookery with Japanese influences. One of the delights on his menu will be Cream of tupinambur with smoked eel, sautéed mushrooms and Melanosporum truffle perfume.

The third day, 18th November, the 1 Michelin star and 2 Repsol suns chef, Iván Domínguez, (Alborada, Galicia) will be bringing the northern seas to the table with his signature salted Galician scallops with seaweed salt, monk’s cress and herbs.

November comes to a close with Grupo Monkey’s new Head Chef, Danny Nielsen, who offers a menu with his own special combination of Nordic a touches. Catch him on 25th November with Attila Havas as the Special guest.

The 10th anniversary celebrations culminate on 2nd December with Diego Gallegos (Sollo, Málaga), otherwise known as the “caviar chef” and recent winner of the Outstanding Chef Award at Madrid Fusion. The highlight of his menu will be river fish, with a Tartare of Trout Sausage or a Tilapia Ceviche.

Want to make a reservation?

Our Gourmet Experience will take place every Friday from 4th November to 2nd December within normal dinner reservation hours from 7pm to 10:30pm.

The menu costs €70 and can be paired with the perfect selection of wines, prepared especially for the occasion. This wine-pairing option is priced at €90.

Book your table: +34 922 789 291

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